Earth Day Live 2020

Join award-winning journalist Anna Day, Afghanistan Member of Parliament Mariam Solaimankhai, and Fmr. State Representative and President of Code Blue – Water Security Conflicts and Solutions on the climate crisis and water security at 3:07 Eastern today, April 24th.

April 22
April 23
April 24

Opening Ceremony (Thomas Lopez Jr.)

Musical Performance by Jack Johnson

Yoga with Nicole Cardoza

We Are Greater Chaco (Mario Atencio, Daniel Tso, Kendra Pinto, Samuel Sage, Jonathan Nez, Julia Bernal)

Interfaith Call for Care and Resilience (Rev. Fletcher Harper, Benki Piyãko, Swami Dayananda, Imam Saffet Catovic, Rev. Leo Woodberry, Rabbi Jennie Rosen)

Musical Performance by Michael Franti

Parliament of the Worlds Religions Opening (Dianne Dillon-Ridgely, Mindahi Bastida, Hanadi Doleh, Swami Ishatmananda, Kaleb Nyquist, Rabbi Rachel Mikva)

Musical Performance by Graham Riley

Yoga with Kathryn Budig

Flint Water Crisis with Katie Fahey

Message From Chelsea Handler

Our Lady J

Dear Mother Earth. Love, Your Children (Maggie Munday Odom, Q Sharaf, Lily Hi’ilani Kim-Dela Cruz, Mounira Elsamra, Molly Francis, Joao Rodrigues Victor, Calling from Maine, Saphira Rosen, Bella Callery)

Musical Performance by Jesse Jo Stark

Imagine the Future (Xiye Bastida)

Cooking with Natalie Portman

Defending the Defenders

Message from Danni Washington

Climate Therapy: Facing the Climate Emergency (Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD, David Wallace-Wells, Mary Annaïse Heglar)

Message from Kerri Russel

Morning Flow with Gustavo Padron

Message from Norman and Lyn Lear

Stories from the Earth (Lyla June Johnston)

Chase, Climate Destruction & the Frontlines of Resistance (Bill McKibben, Tara Houska, Joye Braun)

Message from Kristen Vangsness

Stories from the Earth (Ayisha Siddiqa)

Packing a Punch: Pass Your Own Damn Bill (Anissa Pemberton, Hridesh Singh, Jade Lozada)

Message from Stella McCartney and Friends

This Land is Our Land Remix (Monica Garcia-Medina, Bien Minosa)

Musical Performance by Emily Wells

Climate Therapy: Facing the Climate Emergency (Continued)

A Closer Look at Nature with Louie Schwartzberg and Grace Yang

Mixed Media: A Panel On Just Representation by Extinction Rebellion Youth United States (Fiona Jarvis, Krissy Oliver-Mays, Cynthia Leung)

Message from Bekah Hinojosa

Musical Performance by Aloe Blacc

Thich Naht Hahn Poem (Devendra Banhart)

Tim Heidecker Performance

Meditation Moment with Elena Brower

Wall Street, Rainforest Destruction, and the Climate Crisis (Hana Heineken, Pendle Marshall-Hallmark, Helena Gualinga)

Musical Performance by Siva Kaneswaran

Leading Environmental Advocates Reflect on 50 years of Progress and the Path Forward (Gina McCarthy, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Annie Leonard)

In Conversation: Secretary John Kerry and Youth Climate Activists (Shiv Soin, Sophie Anderson)

1 Minute Meditation (Lisa Brooks)

Musical Performance by Nahko Bear

Message from The Social Good Club – Inspiration in Isolation (Kati Morton, Mario Rigby, Haifa Beseisso, Elle Mills, Luke Korns, Matt Santoro, Roberto Blake, Borja Vázquez (Luzu), Gabbie Hanna, Amanda DuPont, Kristen Zarrabi, Justine Ezarik, Louis Cole, Raya Encheva, Peter Diamandis)

Getting to the Roots of the Green New Deal with Zero Hour and the National Children’s Campaign (Khristen Hamilton, Ethan Wright, Zeena Abdulkarim, Zanagee Artis)

Angelique Kidjo Performance

Por La Tierra – A Spoken Word Piece (Marlow Baines, Sierra Robinson, Maya Lazzaro)

Conjuring for the Climate with Cyril the Sorcerer

Our House is On Fire: Florida Youth Confront The Climate Emergency (Gabriela Rodriguez, John Paul Mejia, Mia Kim)

Importance of Green Stimulus with Mark Ruffalo (Rep. Deb Haaland, Michaela Ciovacco, Tokata Iron Eyes)

Interview with Greenfaith Executive Director at BlackRock HQ in NYC (Rev. Fletcher Harper)

Message from Rosanna Arquette

Message from Favianna Rodriguez

The Both with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo

How Mass Movements Win with Erica Chenoweth

Message from Ronen Rubinstein

Message from Patrisse Cullors

Message from Amber Tamblyn

Musical Performance by Phum Viphurit

Message from Jumaane Williams

Hit First, Hit Hardest: Why Communities of Color Are On The Frontlines of Modern Day Crises (Mustafa Santiago Ali, Rep. Lauren Underwood, Kaylah Brathwaite, Introduction by Mayor Lori Lightfoot)

Musical Performance by Tank and The Bangas

Visualizing Political Empowerment: How Artists Impact Social Justice & Civic Engagement (Luisa Martinez, Jammal Lemy, Ashley Lukashevsky, Santiago X)

Musical Performance by Griffin Oskar

There’s No Such Thing as Not Voting with Eric Liu

Musical Performance by Linda Perry

Youth Organizing in a Conservative State (Shiva Rajbhandari, Emma Palmer, Petra Hoffman)

Artists as Allies with Matt McGorry (Lily Gardner, Kevin Patel, Danni Washington)

Stories from the Earth Performance (Theresa William | Ojibwe, Oglala Lakota, Santee Dakota, and Northern Cheyenne)

Message from Rainn Wilson

Mindful Moment (Lisa Brooks)

Musical Performance by Jason Mraz

Big banks, the Gwich’in Nation, and the fight to protect the Arctic Refuge (Lena Moffitt, Bernadette Demientieff, Councillor Cheryl Charlie)

Let’s Takeover Over Chase – Online

Youth vs. Apocalypse: No One Is Disposable Music VIdeo Release

Gardening with Amber Valletta

Message from Gabriel and Ini

Being a Disabled Activist (Izzy Laderman, Alexia Leclercq, Doran Walters)

Message from Kat Taylor

Higher Education: Complicit or Leaders in Climate (Kyle Rosenthal, Ari Bortman, Marley Wiest, Abby Kleiman, Laís Santoro, Elly Ren, Sydney Barron, Calistra Triantis)

Musical Performance by Låpsley

Claim Your Power At The Ballot Box: How To Overcome Barriers To Voting (D’Aungillique Jackson, Evan Malbrough, Amaya Fox, Tamia Fowlkes)

Message From Dylan Penn, Hopper Penn, and Robin Wright

Musical Performance by Billy Bragg

Message from Troian Bellisario

Chef José Andrés – World Central Kitchen

Musical Performance by Willa Amai

Message from Aisha Tyler and Kristen Vangness

The Kids of the Broadway Green Alliance Musical Performance – Led by Sydney Lucas and over 30 of Broadway’s youngest performers

Youth Climate Strike Coalition Demands Overview (Esperanza Garcia Soledad, Kaylah Brathwaite, Naina Agrawal-Hardin)

Blackness, Feminism, and the Climate Emergency with Ilyasah Shabazz (Khristen Hamilton, Kym Allen)

Blackness, Feminism, and the Climate Emergency with Patrisse Cullors (Kym Allen, Khristen Hamilton, Patrisse Cullors)

Message and Musical Performance by Rain Phoenix

Earth Uprising Spotlight

A Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Big Oil: Pipeline Construction Across Turtle Island

Message and Musical Performance with Kelcey Ayer from the Local Natives

What Does The Coronavirus Teach us About the Climate Crisis?

Indigenous Women Divestment Delegation (Michelle Cook, Osprey Orielle Lake)

Message from Emily Robinson

Message from Marisol Rivera, 14-year-old Superstorm Sandy survivor

Poetry with Dominique Crenn

Participant presents: A message from Paul Watson, Marine wildlife conservationist on the ecology of viruses

Marina Performance

Message from the Frontlines with Tamara Toles O’Laughlin

Message from The Social Good Club – Imagining New Normals (Louis Cole, Raya Encheva, Kati Morton, Mario Rigby, Haifa Beseisso, Elle Mills, Luke Korns, Matt Santoro, Roberto Blake, Borja Vázquez (Luzu), Gabbie Hanna, Amanda DuPont, Kristen Zarrabi)

Stop The Money Pipeline Song Montage

In Conversation: Jane Fonda and Vanessa Nakate

Musical Performance and Message, Cody Simpson

Building Power By Lowering The Voting Age (Catie Macauley, Caleb DeBerry, Alik Schier, Noah Friedman-Kassis, Brandon Klugman)

Plant-based cooking segment with Alejandra Schrader

Changing the Narrative: A Conversation on Activism, Climate Change, and Frontline Communities (Reverend William J. Barber II, Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Andrea Manning)

Message from Roger Waters

Roger Waters performs John Prine

The Link Between COVID-19 & The Climate Emergency (Moby , Joaquin Phoenix, Dr. Sweta Chakraborty, Dr. Michael Greger, Haile Thomas)

Stop The Money Pipleline Political Townhall (Jamie Henn, Moira Birss, Iris Zahn, Tara Houska, Bolaji Olagbegi, Sulakshana, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Sen. Ed Markey, Sen. Jeff Merkley)

Money Matters: Youth and Elders Unite for A Fossil-Free Future (Lolita Jackson, Hridesh Singh, Anna Seigel, Lynne Nittler, Clara Vondrich)

Water Security and the Climate Crisis (Anna Day, Alex Cornell du Houx, Mariam Solaimankhail)

Alex Cornell du Houx, Mariam Solaimankhail, Anna Day Earth Day Live 2020


Musical Performance by Other Lives

Service Workers Story Slam To Demand Action (Saru Jayaraman, Treya Lam, Heather Mankedick, Sarah May, Guadalupe A., Fred Shaw, Ali Baker)

From Standing Rock to Black Lives Matter to Climate Strikes: What It’s Like to Lead a Movement (Jamie Margolin, Nupol Kiazolu, Jasilyn Charger)

Cooking with Rachael Ray

We Rise Music Video Premiere (Ashlyn Woods, Aditi Anand, Iris Zhan, Gabrielle Zwi, Laís Santoro, Lilia Wolf, Kori Malia, Andrea Manning, Arielle Martinez Cohen, Kendall Kieras, Ishi Shah, Nick Diaz)

When Kids Fear Rain: A Conversation on Climate Disasters (Devin Guevara, Julia Lewis, Chanté Davis)

Patricia Arquette Interview with Robby Romero

BlackRock: Making the financial giant tackle the climate emergency (Luke Korns, Matt Santoro, Roberto Blake, Borja Vázquez (Luzu), Gabbie Hanna, Amanda DuPont, Kristen Zarrabi)

Virtual Choir with the Peace Poets (Lu Aya, Frank Lopez)

Message and Musical Performance by Smiles Davis

Youth Climate Activism in the Global South: Allyship, Solidarity, and Movement Building (Jessy Musaazi, Ashangwa Harrison, Winny Puteri, Adegbule Wole)

Meditation with Marti Nikko and DJ Drez

Message from Stacey Abrams

Immigration Justice is Climate Justice (Juliana Macedo do Nascimento, Josue De Luna Navarro)

One Minute Meditation (Lisa Brooks)

Endangering Generations: How Climate Change is Putting Our Kids at Risk (Jonah Gottlieb, Genna Reed, Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Levi Draheim, Nsedu Obot Witherspoon, MPH)

Message from Al Gore

Musical Performance by Nuka

Together We Thrive: What it Means to Make Intentional Space for Young People of Color (Aissa Dearing, Abraham Gonzalez)

Women Leaders on the Climate Frontlines with Sharon Carpenter, Luke Baines, and Oxfam (Sharon Carpenter, Luke Baines, Ana Maria Mendez Libby, Ruth Santiago)

Participant Presents: A Conversation with Mark Ruffalo and Mark Favors on the Frontline of the Pandemic and Vic Barrett on Climate Justice.

Dark Waters Follow-Up with Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo)

Monica Dogra Spoken Word Poem

Indigenous Leaders On The Frontlines of Fossil Fuel Resistance (Samantha Arechiga, Makasa Looking Horse, Ta’kaiya Blaney, Jasilyn Charger)

A Song for the Climate from 9-year-old, Emunah

Performance by Amanda Palmer

Earth From Above — Conversation between Chille Bergstrom and Dr Shawna Pandya

No One is Disposable: Youth vs Apocalpyse Music Video Release

Musical Performance by Mumu Fresh

Restoring Indigenous Ocean Stewardship to California’s Central Coast (Katherine O’Dea, Valentin Lopez, Alexii Sigona, Steven Pratt)

Spill the Tea with AOC: A Conversation on the Green New Deal (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Saad Amer)

Social Good Club: Activating New Normals in Our Own Lives (Louis Cole, iJustine, Peter Diamandis, Anjali Mitra)

Message from Zazie Beetz

Meditation Momement with Seane Corn

Message from Lil Dicky

United in the Fight: Making the Connections Between the Labor and Climate Justice Movements (Mary Kay Henry, Kate Walton, Renata Kamakura, Adriana Alvarez, Markita Blanchard)

Musical Performance by Ziggy Marley

Youth Pledge Video – “Divest!”

Message from Xiye Bastida from Chase’s HQ

Musical Performance by Mumu Fresh

Social Good Club: Using Storying Telling to Accelerate Change (Louis Cole, Sophia Esperanza, Kip Andersen, Nadia Nazar)

Insure Our Future, Not Fossil Fuels

Vote Party (Ethan Asher, Jennifer Carroll Foy, Jacques Colimon, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Emily DaSilva, Katie Eder, Melody Klingenfuss, Jamil Jackson, Melody Klingenfuss, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Alicia Novoa, Naomi Oliver, Thania Peck, Andi Pringle, Tony Revolori, Mario Revolori, Yara Shahidi, Vien Truong, James Wenz, Andi Pringle, Ilyasah Shabazz, Rosanna Arquette, Tom Steyer, Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, Jumaane Williams and more surprise guests!)

Musical Performance by Dave Matthews

Voting, Climate, and Guns (Tatiana Washington, Daphne Frias, Thandiwe Abdullah, Manju Bangalore)

Clapping for Frontline Workers

Honoring Healthcare Heroes: Lisa Edelstein Interview with Frontline Healthcare Workers (Carol Lightle, Pat Sheran Diaz)

Reimagining US: The Fight for a Green New Deal During COVID-19 (Varshini Prakash, Emma Lockridge, Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Lenore Friedlaender, Naomi Klein)

Artists, COVID-19, and the Climate Emergency (DJ Spooky, Shepard Fairey, Amanda Palmer, Liam Neupert)

Musical Performance by Ani DiFranco

Women on the Frontlines of the Climate and COVID-19 Crises: Struggles and Solutions (Monique Verdin, Jacqui Patterson, Rupa Marya, Casey Camp Horinek, Osprey Orielle Lake)

Staying Unified During a Crisis in Philadelphia (Lorraine Ruppert, Mitch Chanin, Dwight Dunston, Montgomery Ogden, Cameron Powell, Avery Broughton, Enya Xiang)

A message from Dallas Goldtooth

A message from Doctors Without Borders

The People’s Bailout: What a Just COVID-19 Response Should Look Like

How to Advocate to Congress for a Green Future (Charlie Jiang, Sanah Niazi)

Musical Performance & Message by Adam Gardner from Guster

Message from Angela Rye

Musical Performance by Will Anderson of Parachute

Message from Barbara Boxer

Message from The Social Good Club – Future Priorities (Louis Cole, Raya Encheva, Kati Morton, Mario Rigby, Haifa Beseisso, Elle Mills, Luke Korns, Matt Santoro, Roberto Blake, Borja Vázquez (Luzu), Gabbie Hanna, Amanda DuPont, Kristen Zarrabi)

Musical Performance by KT Tunstall

Message from Keith Mestrich

Musical Performance by Maxi Priest

Trash is for Tossers: A Conversation About Minimizing Your Environmental Footprint (Lauren Singer, Chasten Harmon)

Madame Ghandi Performance

Lissie Musical Performance

Save the Post Office! Save Our Democracy (Debby Szeredy, Cortney “CJ” Jenkins, Teresa Marie Oller, Tamara Twinn)

Evan Greer Musical Performance

Promise to Keep Striking from the Peace Poets

Message from Reverend Lennox Yearwood

The Census: The Game Behind The Game (Justin Kwasa, Rachel Spector, Nicole Morales, Sen. Brian Schatz, Mayor Michael Tubbs)

Message from Riz Ahmed

Closing Ceremony

Dance Party with Soul Clap

DJ QuestLove Performance

Dance Party with Beverley Bond

Dance Party with Talib Kweli

Dance Party with Sofi Tukker

Dance Party with Blondish

Dance Party with Flying Lotus

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